Friday, January 25, 2008

Nicole Queen: Converts after seeing Youtube videos on Islam


  1. I am sadened to see a fellow citizen to convert to a religion that respects no other beliefs and violently opresses others through violence and intimidation. The mot horrifying fact is that the agression of 9/11 happened because of the ideologies of Islam, and yet you chose to bring order to your life by embracing those very same ideologies?!!! Islam has made USA its enemy and not the other way round. There isn't a single place in the world, who have other faiths (like hinduism) that is not under the terror of Islam. I wish you had found out what it does all over the world before submitting yourself. There are issues in USA, but this is not only a form of betrayal and treason as Islam has made itself an enemy of USA, but a horrifying precedent. I am sure you would've read as you've read the koran, how it sees other faiths. Isn't the very declaration that "there is no god but allah" discriminatory?
    Your parents, friends and the people you've loved are kafirs and infedels.
    Who is a kafer? Who is an infedel and how should they be treated? Why don't I have the right to live as a non-muslim?

    1. so many ignorance offend my sight..u should read live and feel islam not watching foxnews or americain media to judge islam

  2. Anonymous:

    I see that you are very ignorant about Islam. Islam did not declare war on America. Bin Laden is not the head of Islam. He does not speak for us. The group is his does not even represent 1% of the Muslims. Yes there is no diety worthy of worship except God. This is the religion of Jesus, Abraham and all the prophets. A kafir is one who does not believe in Islam. You do not believe in it so why should I consider you anything else but a kafir. Islam protects the rights of all Muslim and non-Muslim. It does not teach us to mistreat those who do not believe in our religion. You have got to stop watching FoxNews. They spread lies and misinformation.

    Khalil Al-Puerto Rikani

  3. islam is a religion of peace and repect other peoples belife and religion. people who dose this suicide bombing have been brainwashed by some people who adds thing to islam,

    anf if bin laden did take part in the 9/11 bpmbing he would have been dead its is all a properganda to blame muslims for terrorist attacks

  4. There is a difference between culture,traditions and religion,no one can merge all these three together.
    The muslims around the world have different cultures but the religion remains the same,Like for instance the christians in America will be different from the Christians in Asia similarly the Jews in Europe will be different fom the ones in Africa but they all will be still called as Christians or Jews regardless to however they are,so thus calling pointing out a finger to another religion will be wrong.
    There is no religion that teaches chaos,lies,brutality.sexual abuses or any sort of disasturous deeds that creates insecurity for life.
    Even the communists (people who dont believe in any religion) are not taught to lie,rape,kill or any sort of dirty deed.
    Islam is the pathway to tranquility and believes in Christianity as well as Jewism.

    Islam refrains it's believers from Alchahol and drugs,Sexual relations with other than your spouse, Eating Pork and many other examples not for any reason but for the person itself.
    Now when numerous scientists discover and learn realize that Alchahol,Drugs and sexual relations prove a gateway to chaos like Aids,Hiv and many other problems leading to death.
    Similarly many researchs have proven that Pork is not healthy for the body
    These notable researchs have been written in the Holy Book of "QURAN" before we even knew what the first alphabet means.

    "TERRORISM" is not a part of any religious teaching as discussed earlier.
    Do not mix "JIHAD" with terrorism.
    "JIHAD" is a pillar among the five pillars of Islam.
    "jihad" describes teaching of Islam and protecting the rights of people practising it.
    For instance If some invader comes into your house,What are you going to do? Sit back,Relax and let him do anythihng?
    the answer would be ." NO!"you will fight for your right.
    So Jihad means that you fight for protecting your rights only and only if the enemy comes and invades you.
    Take a brief look around the globe and you will realize what hidden stories are not yet revealed.
    The muslims being tortures in Azad Kashmir& in India,Palestines and so many other examples.
    Fighting back for your rights is not wrong if someone steals your pen even so here we are talking massively about rights of lives.

    There is no such thing as Islamic Extermism&suicide bombing in Islam.
    As mentioned earlier it is said that there is massive misunderstanding among different groups manipulating religion with personal benefits and desires.

    Islam is very peaceful,moderate,honest and pure.

    And one should not misunderstand the difference between TERRORISM and JIHAD
    They are two opposite things.

  5. I AM ALSO DEEPLY SADENED TO READ YOUR COMMENT BECAUSE U ARE ATTACKING A RELIGION THAT CALLS FOR PEACE AND TOLERANCE NO ONE IS OBLIGED TO EMBRACE ISLAM . THE CORAN SAYS NO ONE SHOULD BE FORCED TO EMRACE ISLAM. PEOPLE CHOOSE THIS RELIGION BECAUSE THEY BELEIVE THAT THE ONLY CREATOR OF THE WORLD IS ALLAH AND MOHAMMED IS HIS MESSENGER. allah said of his messenger that he sent him as "mercy" to all human beings. Our prophet preached mercy and tolerance and ordered his followers to respect and treat well the non-muslims. muslims are allowed to resort to violence only for self defence. Otherwise they have to respect the rights of the non-muslims . I t is not because a minority OF muslims DIDN'T FOLLOW THE TEACHINGS OF THE PROPHET that the other muslims should be blamed . Islam condemns the killing of any human being and thez coran teels us that the crime of killing one person equals killing all humanity.

  6. I am amazed why people not differentiate between political and economical activities with religion, USA used same persons giving them money against russia, at that time they were great men n they were never linked with islam, but now when there is clashe between their interests they fight against eachother, and they are linked with islam,,,, Islam is the relagion of peace, islam even means peace,,, I am muslim, i have been always taught peace,,, never, never, never tuaght me to kill some one or any activity against human rights violation,,,, I requrest all kindly stop linking all bul shit activities to islam,,,,, islam is the relagion of peace...

  7. Anonymous,

    Islam is a religion of peace. You will find peace in yourself once you truly accept it. Islam is not an ideology. It has been in the Americas longer than Christianity. A kafir is one who does not believe in in Islam (disbeliever). They are to be treat with the upmost respect so long as they do not fight you for your religon. Do you have any more questions? If you need any clarification on Islam just let me know. May Allah guide you.



  8. i agree with annonymous 100%..islam is terrorism..i think this ugly woman is a poor bitch who converted for money...its their way of convincing people to convert either to kill them and terorrize them or give them money...i feel pity for her..

  9. & for kind information of the person above who still hates Islam wid closed eyes.

    You may research about the terrorism & voilence history, you'll find more Jews/Christians/Communists/Hindu/etc etc, every other religion on top .... but its the only World MEDIA, (controlled by jews) brainwashed you to think only against muslims & believe only what they want...You better use your brain neutrally & think always positive & don't judge anyone on biased Media bluffing !!!

  10. Each of us has a right to choose any path we see as right.
    Should you be not on the same path, do not assume you know what that path offers.
    If one chooses to see beauty, one will see it. Likewise, ugliness.
    But often we are better off when we see with our ears instead of our eyes.



  11. i want to contact with sister queen by email, please help me,my email address

  12. I see alot of ignorance, the lady in the clip says it clearly there was a transition which means she was questioning her belief and found answers in Islam. Anyone who shares views Anonymous should atleast take some time to research on the subject and then if there is still any thing that isn't clear ask that question rather then just attacking with foul language and biased understanding purely because of the information that came to them through media and not by research.

  13. Science and rationale thinking is what betters the human condition.Religion and superstition is what brings wars and bronze age ignorance.I am an exMuslim and an atheist and humanist and of the opinion that Islam brings to its midst the people who do not have a solid understanding of science or are unaware of how to apply reason and logic.
    People who really understand evolution can not adhere to any of the Abrahamic religions or any religion for that matter.Evolution exposes the lies religion says about our origin.This is proof enough to know that religions are man made.God could not have made this mistake unless he did not know himself and god does not mistake therefore religions are man made.This argument settles the matter if you're talking to rationale people.But religious people are anything but rationale.The very notion of belief without proof contradicts scientific method, but religious people don't understand what scientific method is even if they repeat the words like parrots.the percentage of highly educated people that are religious is close to zero even if the religious propaganda machine make you believe the contrary.In brief :religious means stupid

  14. you have lost track bro,you betrayed your very own people and choose sides with the same people that do not respect the culture you came from,that's all

  15. Science is not only compatible with religion, yet it is derived from religion. Many verses of the Qur'aan speak of scientific fact before it was discovered, for example the fact that man is made from water, the male sperm determines the sex of the child, the moon reflects light from the sun and does not have its own light, the earth is the shape of the egg of an ostrich, pain receptors are found in the skin, plants have both female and male sex organs, the foetus is attached to the wall of the uterus where it proliferates, the big bang and the big crunch, the expansion of the universe, the constellations of stars, and so on and so forth.
    Evolution is a THEORY which can easily be disproven, and if you say you are a logical person, wouldnt it be logical to research evolution for yourself before speaking as i am i scientist has and has realised the lack of depth in which it is taught at schools, in order to mask the truth: why? because evolution is an easy answer for people who cant be bothered to use their gift of intellect and just want to live their life like monkeys. In order to do so they must kill curiosity, and how do we kill curiosity my friend? by providing the 'answers' for everything! thus we come to the theory of evolution, a beautifully crafted and i have to say very intelligent lie!!! The only logical explanation of such ideas is clearly the existence of a higher power, which can clearly be explained using maths.
    My friend, I feel you may have grown up in an environment where you're curious mind was not fed with truth, due to the possible ignorance of muslims around you, therefore you sought refuge in the carefully crafted answers of the majority, i.e the 'normal society'. I do wish that you could take some time to look at things from a neutral point of view, as i now see people like you with not just pity, but humor, due to the fierceness with which you argue spoon fed lies! I am just grateful that I can see whats going on around this place we call the world, and hope I can act in the best way according to this as i really cannot be asked with people who are ignorant but NOT curious or neutral, as that just sums up to stupidity! Pure ignorance is understandable however, and may Allah guide such people.
    Wsalam my brothers and sisters of this funny little world!!!!

    Usman khalid

  16. Anonymous 9:

    On your comment that I am some sort of traitor to my people, what do you mean? First of all who are my people, according to you? I am first a Muslim, a Puerto Rican, an American, a male, a professional, etc. I have multiple identies, so please tell me to whom am I betraying?

    If you are refering to my identity as a Puerto Rican, then - Who is the one who forced the so-called Moors to be Christian? Did I betray my people? Who are the one that want to point the finger at Muslims, yet the Muslims never did anything to the Latinos of the world? Who conquered, pillaged, and enslaved our people? Was it the Muslims?

    If you are refering the my identity as an American, are you refering the the acts of a few ignorant kids who did what they did in NY in 2001? Americans oppress fellow Americans and have done much hard to fellow citizens than any foreigner has ever done.

    Get real!

    Khalil Al-Puerto Rikani

  17. i think the media has portrayed islam to be a really violent religion. people commonly have the misconception that islam encourages oppression and terrorism.. Terrorism is not part of our religion.. Jihad means to 'strive or strggle' not to kill innocent people whether they are non muslims or muslims. If people truly read the religion of islam they would see that it is very similar to christianity and is a peaceful religion. People are ready to criticise Islam and generalize about all muslims before even reading about it

  18. wooow mashaallah im proud of the you have answerd this ignorant person who has no knwoledge of islam!

  19. I accept Christ(I converted from Islam). Islam is not a True religion. Nicol the girls you are talking about are not practicing Christianity.

    You may see the true light one day. Jesus is not the middle man. Jesus is God.Still Jusus (GOD) loves you.

    Nicol, do you know the punishment if some one abandend islam? Let me tell you sister the answer is, at the time of Muhammad and his four great successors, the apostate (One who has abandoned islam) was executed. All four Sunni Islam legal schools (Hanafi, Hanbali, Maliki, Shafi`i) and Shi`a Islam call for the execution of the male and female apostat. The Hadith (the Second Source of Islam) is commanding Any person (i.e., Muslim) who has changed his religion, kill him. (Bukhari)

    Love and peace in Christ.

  20. Khalil can you really be serious when you characterize the pre-meditated murder of 3 THOUSAND people including 8 INNOCENT CHILDREN "acts of a few ignorant kids who did what they did in ny in 2001" ?!?

    you seem so blasé about it, as though those attacks were merely misguided actions of wayward youths, akin to spray painting graffiti on a building deserving a slap on the wrist and some community service...

    you need to get your head out of your arse brother and realize that your belittling those abominable murders is making you seem truly foolish, unfeeling and ignorant whatever religion you espouse...

    Assalamu alaikum papi

  21. Anonymous (13),

    You may want to make one day the focus of your entire life, but I don't. Was was life changed on that day - no.

    While delinquency and crimes range in their level of seriousness, I in no way equate the killing of 3,000+ people (including Muslims) as on the same level of spray painting.

    Having said that I honestly do not know the relationship of those criminals to my life. If they did the crime, they should be served justice. It is as simple as that. If they were still alive and I were the judge in their case, I would throw the book at them.

  22. Alhumdulillah... Its the truth one need to find as even being a Muslim we are taking so long to understand the deep essence about Islam. Just being a Muslim is not enough, one needs to understand the deep root within Islam which binds all Abrahamic religion together as after all Jews, Christians & Muslims are from same brother and sister genealogy. I am proud being Muslim Alhumdulillah and I pray to Allah to guide me everyday dont let me go astray. Aameen.