Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dawah to Allah in Nashville / Middle Tennessee

It is amazing the way that there is so much opposition to the establishment of masajid (pl. mosques) in Middle Tennessee.  What type of country do we live in where a Muslim cannot practice his/her religion without being harrassed and tormented.  "They want to turn off the light of Allah with their mouth, but Allah will complete His light even if the polytheist hate it."

Anyone interested in engaging in serious dawah to Allah (i.e. calling to Allah's oneness), please contact me. 

Khalil Alpuertorikani
Yonkers, NY
July 31, 2010
The Salafi "Position" in Regards to Placing the Hands in Salah

Two Fridays ago several brothers came together at Masjid Al-Salam in Nashville, TN, to clarify the correct position in regards to the placement of the hands.  Representing one side of the debate was Imam Abdullah Al-Ansary (student of Shaykh Ghudayan - rahimahullah) of the Islamic Center of Tennessee and representing another side of the debate was Imam Abdiaziz Irobie (student of Shaykh Muqbil - rahimahullah).

The end result, I believe, was that both of the imams brought there proof, and the such differences in the religion is permissiable.  There is no one Salafi position regarding this issue.  Salafiyyah is not a school of fiqh.  Every position and Salafi holds today stands on the backs of all those before us.  Whether one prayer with his/her hands below the navel, on the chest, in between the two, or at one's side, the main matter in the din is in regards to the `aqidah and the overall minhaj of our religion.

Khalil Alpuertorikani
Yonkers, New York
July 31, 2010