Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shaykh Bin-Humaid to head new Supreme Judicial Council
Bin-Humaid to head new Supreme Judicial Council
Arab News

RIYADH: In a royal decree yesterday Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah constituted the Supreme Judicial Council with Saleh Bin-Humaid as the president and the following judges as members: Abdul Rahman ibn Muhammad Al-Ghazzi, Fahd ibn Abdul Aziz Al-Faris, Ahmad ibn Abdul Majeed Al-Ghamdi, Dhafir ibn Muhammad Al-Qarni, Ibrahim ibn Shaye Al-Hoqail, Abdul Aziz ibn Abdul Rahman Al-Rabia and Ali ibn Abbas Hakami.

The decree also appointed the following judges as members of the Supreme Court: Ghayhab ibn Muhammad Al-Ghayhab, Nassir ibn Al-Habib, Sulaiman ibn Muhammad Al-Musa, Shafi ibn Dhafir Al-Haqabani, Abdul Aziz ibn Saleh Al-Humaid, Ahmad ibn Abdul Rahman Al-Baadi, Hamad ibn Turki Al-Muqbil, Sulaiman ibn Abdul Rahman Al-Samhan and Saleh ibn Abdul Rahman Al-Mohaimid.

The king also announced new members to the Council of Administrative Justice at the Court of Grievances with the president of the Court of Grievances as its head. The new members are:

Marei ibn Majdoue Al-Qarni, Ibrahim ibn Sulaiman Al-Rasheed, Sultan ibn Siraj Al-Harithy and Abdul Aziz ibn Muhammad Al-Nassar.

The following judges have been appointed as members of the Higher Administrative Court: Hamoud ibn Sulaiman Al-Lahim, Ibrahim Al-Suwailim, Hamad Al-Bulaihid, Muhammad Al-Qazaan, Sulaiman Al-Ghazi, Muhammad ibn Abdul Rahman Al-Amiri and Abdullah ibn Abdul Latif Al-Duwaish.

The king also appointed Abdullah ibn Abdullah Al-Jammaz as adviser at the rank of minister to the Royal Court. Abdul Aziz ibn Ali Al-Zabn and Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Askar also are appointed as advisers to the Royal Court.

In another royal decree the king appointed Waleed ibn Hussain Abul Faraj as president of the Umm Al-Qura University replacing Adnan ibn Muhammad Wazan. Abdul Aziz ibn Saad Al-Barahim was appointed as adviser at the Ministry of Interior. King Abdullah also reconstituted the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars with Abdul Aziz ibn Abdullah Al-Asheikh as chairman and 20 new members.

The members of the new four-year council are Saleh ibn Muhammad Al-Lahaidan, Saleh ibn Abdul Rahman Al-Husayyen, Saleh ibn Humaid, Abdullah ibn Abdul Muhsin Al-Turki, Abdullah ibn Abdul Rahman Al-Ghedyan, Abdullah ibn Sulaiman Al-Manie, Saleh ibn Fouzan Al-Fouzan, Abdul Wahhab Abu Sulaiman, Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al-Ashaikh, Ahmad Mubaraki, Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al-Mutlaq, Yaqub ibn Abdul Wahhab Al-Bahussain, Abdul Kareem ibn Abdullah Al-Khodair, Ali ibn Abbas Hakami, Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al-Khanin, Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Muhammad, Muhammad Al-Ashaikh, Saad Al-Shathri, Qays Al-Ashaikh Mubarak and Muhammad Al-Eissa.

The order also appointed Fahd ibn Saad Al-Majed as the secretary-general of the council in the place of outgoing Abdul Aziz ibn Muhammad Al-Munim.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Whoever Imitates A People is of Them

The Prophet Muhammad (may Allah mention him among his angels) said, "Man tashabbaha bi-qawmin fa-huwa minhum." The English translation of which is, "Whoever imitates a people is of them." So those people who believe in Al-Islam should set themselves apart them those who do not believe in Al-Islam. This entails there custom, traditions, culture, and many aspects of life. So who do you imitate? Do you try and look like 50-Cent or Madonna or some other individual who does not believe in "La ilaha illa Allah; Muhammadun Rasullah" (There is no diety worthy of worship except Allah; Muhammad is his Messenger)? The attitude of "let's just try to fit in" does not jive with the ethos of Islam. Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that we should try to be on the fringe of society and be some sort of counter-culture if we live in a country that is predominantly not Muslim. But we should follow our leader and his way and try our level best to follow that example. We can mold out our own trends and be the trend-setters.