Thursday, September 01, 2011

Eid Al-Fitr - Day of Fun and Fitnah: Muslim Day at Playland, Part 1

On the day of the Eid Al-Fitr, I decided to go to Playland. I had turned down an invitation from a good friend of mine who was having a picnic at Bear Mountain. My decision to go to Playland was because I felt that my children would have more fun there.

Once I reached the town of Rye, I started to see police cars zooming past me in the direction of Playland. My wife and I joked that the Muslims must be having a fight or something at the amusement park. However, as I had gotten closer to the park, I started to see more cars heading in the direction of Playland. 

Once I drove up towards the entrence of Playland there were several police cars blocking off the entrence. At this time it was about 2:30 PM. I decided to park my car on the other side of the park in the beach/boardwalk section. From there I walked towards the amusement park. I had seen some policemen but  just walked behind them. They did not stop me or anything, so I continued with my family towards the main entrence area. On my way towards the entrence I ask one young Muslim brother what happened. He told me the the Yemenis were having a brawl with the police. Once I went up to the ticket area I saw a few police around and a lot of Muslims in the entrence area. At this time I was trying to see where I would get the cheaper tickets - the main ticket area or from the MAS people. I found out where the MAS tent was and saw the one in charge heading towards a long line of Muslims. I quickly found out that this line was for refunds. 

During this time I found out from my wife that Playland does not allow sisters with hijab on some of the rides. She knew this since she had been there before with another sister. Anyways, I decided to go to the main ticket area and purchase the tickets from them since I did not want to waste any time waiting for the brother. I also did not have any cash on me. So, this is what was going on up to this point. 

Once inside, I brought my family to the Kiddyland section and decided to get some drinks and a carriage for my daughter from the car. I walked back and saw the police presence increasing at the main entrence area where I was just walking around. On my way back from the car I saw dozens of police now parked along the strip toward the main circle area. I tried to enter the main gate which I had just entered a few minute ago. However, some Mamaroneck cops told me that I could not go in. I asked if I could speak to his supervisor and he refused. By the way, another Mamaroneck cop was holding his baton. He was not necessarily directing it toward me; however, I was a bit disturbed by his whole demeanor. Why was it that because of some fight there were police present from the Westchester County, Rye, Harrison, and Mammaroneck Police Departments. It seemed as if all of the police departments from all of the local Westchester towns were out in force at Playland - talk about overkill. However, I know how the police role in Westchester, so it was not a complete suprise. I think the police were trying to "show their force and strength." I am quite familiar with their mentality since I have grown up and participated in gangs while growing up. Police have the same mentality. The county cop had problems, so they called their boys from some of the other sets to come and help out. The funny part was that whatever occurred at Playland had already been dissolved and over and done with since at least the time that I has arrived. (TO BE CONTINUED)