Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jewish Convert To Islam

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  1. asalamalaikum wahrahmatulahi wahbatakatu, shiloah is islam(identical words). therefore it is those JEWS who embrace islam who will lead mankind into the next era. only JEWS who are muslims are allowed to pray on the temple site. this is the will of Allah. and this is the messianic age expected by the Jewish community. of the jewish faith brought by the rabbis it does not please God nor does the idolitry of the modern christians. so those 2 groups are left on the outside looking in. in order to please God one must come through the way of islam to him. this way he(the jewish convert to islam) is leading them to God and not illicit gains where they get rich on account of usery(riba) which is a curse. Jesus peace be upon him over turned the moneychanger's tables in the temple because of this. contact me at i will be delighted to dialogue with you. thankyou