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Miss Sexy in a Hijab

Posted: March 11, 2010 by Ruwayda Mustafah at 

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The way we dress, conduct ourselves and express ourselves tend to convey pieces of our character. The image we create through the way we dress, talk and even walk manifest our attitude and character. Let’s examine, perhaps subjectively so the justification or the reasoning behind make-up with a Hijab which creates what I call “Miss sexy in a Hijab”.

Truthfully and bluntly speaking being sexy, looking sexy and desired is something all women care about and admire. This can be derived in the Halal way – yes! We don’t talk about looking sexy, and not just that but also feeling sexy because of a culture of silence that has a draconian effect on society. Hijab is modesty, a bit of make up adds sassiness and off course looking sexy makes one look fashionable – but let’s call it ‘presentable’ since this is a word used loosely among many and even preferred.

Looking sexy, to whom?
You can be as sassy, sexy and flirtatious to your lawful partner as you want. This is desirable and recommended in Islam because it’s a good thing that will keep your marriage spicy and exciting so don’t loose grips of it – take pride in yourself, your looks, charm and beauty. However, inviting the attention of men to yourself by wearing excessive make-up and skimpy clothing is not permissible (in accordance to Islam) and many Muslim women from the east to the west struggle with this. Take this as a stern warning, from the beloved and merciful Mohammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم‎)
There are two types of people who will enter the Hell-fire, whom I have not (as yet) seen: People having whips similar to ox-tails with which they will beat people, and (secondly) women who will be dressed yet appear to be naked. They will seduce men and be inclined towards them. Their heads will be like the swaying humps of bacterial camels. They will neither enter paradise, nor smell its fragrance, even though its fragrance can be smelt from such and such distance.” (Narrated by Abu Hurairah, Recorded in Sahih Muslim, no. 2128)

Clearly one could say but I don’t wear Make-up to seduce strange men, I could not careless about them but I wear it for myself because it makes me feel better, more confident and comfortable in my own body. You might not be wearing Make-up to seduce strange men, but you are in effect doing so. A mother may be trying to secure a good career for her son but in effect she might be making him miserable because he doesn’t want to become a pharmaceutical student. Sometimes we might be unaware of the effect of our actions regardless of our intentions – clearly actions are by intentions but the intention must be consistent with the action but perhaps, and I hope this is not the case that you don’t really care – So what if I dress seductively, I enjoy it, what’s your problem? Clearly I’m not bothering you nor impinging upon your private life, so mind your own business and stop being so judgemental. In this case you dress to please strange men, but I doubt any decent woman would say such a thing.

University changes people for the better and worse, and I hope in my case it’s for the better. Every morning, rushing to get into the lecture theatre on time, finding a place to park your car, or patiently waiting for the bus to go just a tad bit faster is a tedious experience for many, but regardless of all this you will find among women on Campus the finest make-up put on with much effort and precision. It’s surprising that if you see a woman without make-up she won’t even look at you in the eye, as if a part of her is missing or that she is no longer worthy to be looked at. Beauty is admirable and not everyone has the best of features but the most beautiful woman if accompanied by a rigid, selfish and arrogant personality will soon cease to be beautiful. Confidence is not derived from looks, this is an illusion because true confidence is derived from knowledge, certainty and conviction. Building your confidence through bettering your self-image the right way and not artificially by applying excessive make-up is long lasting and achievable because confidence is not a powder you put on your face, it’s a mentality which comes from experience.

Insecure women always try to find ways to make themselves feel more secure about how they look, act and behave. The Muslim woman is just as cautious as any other woman when it comes to her looks, how she smells, and whether she looks ‘normal’. The question I’ve wondered about, are women really sexy with Hijab and excessive Make-up? Personally, the answer is a obvious no-no sweetie. The eye-shadow, Mac Kohl and blusher, lip gloss, mascara and whatever else that is on makes most women look rather ugly and unnatural but, this is secondary to the point I’m trying to make.

Please don’t understand what I’m trying to say as a form of justification to belittle, humiliate, mock or make any derogatory comments about women who wear Hijab – and I understand each person has different views and beliefs on matters as such.

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