Monday, May 11, 2009

Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.


  1. Assalamu `alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    MY response to your post below

    Racism exists all over the world. The Muslim World is not excluded from racism. As a matter of fact the Prophet – sallAllahu `alaihi wa sallam – said that this would be something that would stay in the ummah till yawm al-qiyamah. Racism against Black people reached a high point due to the African Slave Trade. That is right. Blacks were being exported from Africa into Arab countries in huge number. Just like in the US. That does not mean that slaves were exclusivelly Black, but most slaves were Black. The Arab developed a negative attitude towards Blacks. European and American imperialism has only helped to solidify the negative view of Blacks through such mediums as Hollywood. Foreign Muslim come to the US already with these racists attitudes. May Allah remove racism form the hearts of the Muslims, Amin.


    brother you got your facts wrong “Blacks were being exported from Africa into Arab countries in huge number” where is your evidence to substantiate that, this is completely untrue. The Arabs dont have negative attitute to black historically or even today.

    Slavery was a punishment system( legal system) in the pre-modern world. it existed in every continent. most slaves in China were Chinese, most slaves in India were indians, most slaves in Abyssinia were Arabs and abyssinians, and most slaves in Hijaz (Saudia Arabia ) were actually in fact arabians and some abyssinians, which is near Hijaz. ( if anyone disputes this fact then please show historical document to prove your case.) In HIjaz punishment of thieves were slavery to the one they stole from which was also a law in China.

    In the ancient world – people entered into slavery because of personal and financial debts or because they were captured as prisoners of war. Relatives of the slaves could ransom and free their loved ones. Thus the status of the slave could change – it was not tied to the colour of the skin.

    REMEMBER Abyssinia was a great empire at the time of the prophet mohammed (saw) the jahiliya arabs were nowhere near its power and might that is why the prophet mohammed (saw) sent the muslims there for protection. accept the U.S racial enslavement happen nowhere in the world.

  2. Brother,

    All of what you are speaking about seem to deal either with an idealistic view that does not deal with reality. It is like the Muslims who want to say that racism does not exist among Muslim simply because racism is haram (forbidden) in Islam.

    Also, many of the things you speak about are from pre-Islamic and from the early days of Islam. Towards the last days of slavery in the Muslim world, slaves were degraded and humiliated despite Islam's teachings on freeing slaves and to treat slaves humanly. The slaves in the last days of Islam were mostly from Africa. The can be proven historically from the fact that the Omani sultan moved his capital to Zanjibar in East Africa since the African slave trade was so popular. The British had to go into East Africa in order to help end slavery there. Yes, racism exists all over the world, and we as Muslim should not hide the fact that racism exist in Muslim communities. Let us not be so apologetic.