Friday, September 05, 2008


Assalamu alaikum `ala man ittaba` al-huda.
What's going on world? Welcome to my world. So how are you all out there? Who actually read my blog? I know I have not been writing much. Sorry about the folks. Let me know how you all are doing out there.

Khalil Al-Puerto Rikani


  1. not much going on...just looking forward to your updates.

  2. Salaam Khalil,

    Once in a while I check your blog, but I think it doesnt invite non-Muslims even Muslims for that matter.

    First, you praised all this latinismo but your name is all Arabised, at least change some of it, like Khalil el Boricua, Khalil the Puerto Rican, I am not sure whats your real first name but its Jose, write Jose Khalil for those who don't know Arabic.

    I think brothers that study Islam in other countries tend become part of that country and culture and abandon their own.
    We shouldn't abandon our beautiful culture but modified it, as the Prophet (s) did with his culture and we know that arabs had a harsh culture.

    As for Muslims, I think we are tire of slogans, Quran n Sunnah, Minhaj of the Salaf, Minhaj of the Saved Sect, Minhaj of this and that, Let the Sunnah go forth...and its getting old and dry --these slogans are not from the Salaf.

    Also the world does not revolve around the Saudi Kingdom.

    thats my dos monedas.

    Wa Salaam
    Miguel Abu.Sufyan

  3. Elenamary:

    Thanks for you visiting my blog. Stay in touch and keep commenting. I like dialogue and feedback