Saturday, July 19, 2008

La Ilaaha ill Allah

This statement of 'la ilaaha ill Allah' is a very revolutionary and powerful word that means a lot. For those of you who do not know the Arabic language or are not Muslim and do not understand these word should take time to find out what these words mean.

This statement is the foundation upon which Islam is built. Forget about all those commentary by the so-called experts who know nothing about Islam.

'La ilaaha ill Allah' mean 'there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah.' This is a negation and an affirmation. This statement negate anything and everything that is worshipped besides Allah.

It negates all objects, idols, people, gods, etc. that are worshipped besides Allah. Only Allah is worthy of worship. Humans no matter how great they may have been can never reach the level of being worthy of worship. There seems to be a massive form of confusion amongst humanity in that they think that God can come in into human form. This is the root of worshipping other than Allah.

So who is Allah? Allah is the Arabic word for the 'one worthy of worship.' Simply put, it is know as 'God.' Allah is not some mystical object, idol, or God of the Arabs.

'La ilaaha ill Allah' is a negation as stated earlier and an affirmation. It affirms that Allah is all that is to be worshipped. Now worship is a comprehensive word. It includes all prayers, supplications, slaughtering for, swearing to, words, actions - inner and outer.

Allah is the one God of all humanity. He sent prophets to save us. Allah has not sons or daughters. He is alone, and not in need of any help from anyone.

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