Friday, April 25, 2008

Same Old Crap

I guess some things just never change. Cops are good and can never be wrong. We are the one who are wrong for not being right - for not being white. As the Bells ring the bullets spread one more is dead - what can be said. As the Bells ring the cops sing and laugh and jump for joy in their arrogance and complete and utter disregard for one of our own. We are Shawn and he is us. Despite our many differences we are the same. That could have easily been me. Injustice is the norm. Why should I expect anything else? "Keep Hope Alive" is more than a campaign slogan but must be the only keeping us going, for if we do not have hope we will certainly dispare. Allah is the Disposer of Affair. We fight one destiny with another destiny. Let us not dispare. Stand up and fight, or die. Or die light our young one Shawn. Let us fight for what is right. Cops are not right. They are pigs. Cops are not right. No matter how much self-righteousness they may profess they are not right.

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