Monday, November 19, 2007

More on Puerto Rican Muslims Gotta Stop Reproducing Old Models: An Answer to Abdul-Halim's Comments

Abdul-Halim V. said...
salaam,I respect your opinion and think you definitely have a point. But at the same time, I would argue that Islamic economic principles could actually be classed as left-of-center (in the sense of putting restraints on free market capitalism). So I'm not terribly bothered by Muslims who might use the socialist label.

I think what you say about Puerto Rican nationalism also makes sense, but it is also possible for Muslims (whether they are Puerto Rican or not) to be in support of Puerto Rican independence.

But I definitely agree with your general point that it is better to be leaders and create new models for the future than simply look backwards to models which are no longer valid.

p.s.what happened to ALianza Islamica?
Sat Nov 17, 08:47:00 PM

Khalil Al-Puerto Rikani said...
Assalamu `alaikum wa rahmtullahi wa barakatuh

Thank you for you comments brother. I think the most harming part of accepting the White Left's model is that it tends the promote the Left's immoral positions on social issues. There is where I think there is the most harm.

In the this piece I wrote, I wanted to speak about how the "thinkers" and "intellectuals" of the Young Lords movement were highly influened by their a particular leftist postions that were/are prevelant amongst White people - more specifically the influence of the Jewish Left. Many of the leftist movements of people of color were not carbon-copies of the White Left. The Young Lords, I believe were more influence by the White Left than other groups of color.

One quick point in reference is the Young Lord's position on contraception. The Young Lord in imitation of White feminists were all for it while the Black Panthers - the Young Lords African-American couinterparts - were against it. Another example is that Brown Berets - the Chicano equivalent group - did not give in to white femininism and were looking for a progressive machismo, where as the Young Lords took a stance totally against machismo.

It is understandable that the "intellectuals" of the Young Lords were regurgitating what their Jewish professors were teaching them at Columbia, NYU, Lehman, Hunter, and other colleges. Pablo "Yoruba" Guzman wrote a whole chapter in the a book by Michael Abramson about the Young Lord called, "Palante: Young Lords Party," about how homosexuals are oppressed and how we should struggle for their rights. In the 60s and 70s the Young Lords, as many other people in the country were taking part of the "Sexual Revolution." Instead of affirming Puerto Ricans' traditional culture (which is more in line with Islam) they helped to spread this "Sexual Revolution" in the Puerto Rican community and this "Revolution" has helped to spread fornication, promiscuity, AIDS, and teenage pregnancies. Member of the Young Lords a'oodhubillah would activelly take part in orgies. They never stressed family values and how the community must be built upon the family.

On the point about independance there need to be new models as well that are in conformity with the Quran and Sunnah upon the understanding of the early generations of Muslims. One does not have to accept nationalism in order to be independentista.

As far as Alianza Islamica they are no longer around. That is for many reasons: poor leadership, nationalism, sufism, not establishing 5 salawat at it's masjid, lack of vision, and lack of knowledge. You cannot have a movement based around the fact that we are all from the same culture, nationality, or race. Members of Alianza Islamica were some of the first Puerto Rican Muslims to blindly follow old models. In there case it is more understandable since many were former Young Lords. The leaders of Alianza, I might add, were not from amongst the leadership of the Young Lords and the "intellectuals." They were not from the "movers and shakers" but from the rank and file. This may answer why Islam did not spread amongt large segments of the Puerto Rican population of New York. They had come from the cadre of the Party. So what is the excuse for people in 2007 who continue to use these old models?

However, I do think that Puerto Ricans and any ethnic group cannot effectively be galvanized around ethnicity but around a common ideology. That ideology in order to be acceptable to Allah must be based on the Quran and Sunnah. Even if it is not upon such a basis it can be successful in a worldy sense of the word, but Allah says, "Whoever obeys Allah and his Messenger has indeed achieved the greatest achievement." It is only through that way that it will be blessed from Allah, even if the numbers are few. There also need to be leadership that is charismatic, knowledgable, and strong not dictatorial who trully believe in transparancy.


  1. i'm glad this discussion is happening. i'm not in totally agreement with you but highly respect your views. abdul-halim is one of my favorite people and blogueros.

    the way i view it is, similar to when you see a rabbi, a priest and an imam working together on issues for example like hunger. we can disagree on social issues like contraception but when it comes down to it, contraception doesn't matter much when people are hungry.

    My fear is that instead of looking at the big picture we will focus on divisions...which is not to say those shouldn't be addressed and is why I am glad the discussion is going on...I guess I am just ranting now...sorry.

  2. Elenamary:

    Thanks for you comments. Please come back to my blog more often and share some of your ideas and thoughts. I love dialogue. Also. please support my blog by adding it as a link.

    Khalil Al-Puerto Rikani