Friday, March 10, 2006

All about me

Well where do I begin. Okay, I am 29 years old. Muslim. I try my best to adhere to the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad (may Allah mention him amongst the angels). My name is Khalil. I was born in the Bronx to Puerto Rican (Catholic) parent's. They too were born in New York, but their parents immigrated back in the 1940s. (Yes folks we've been here that long, and not all of us "just came off a boat"). During my teenage years I starting to learn about my history since of course they don't teach us that in school. By age 16 I was an activist.
When I went to college I thought it time to look further in Islam. Muslims were not unknown to me. I knew a lot of Muslim growing up and I knew a few activists whom were Muslim. Of course being Latino in NY helped because we have a lot of interaction with African-Americans where Islam is well-known. So I took shahadah in my first semester of college. I went to one of the SUNY (State U. of NY, not a shii school) schools where I earned a degree in Arabic and Political Science. My concentration was in the Middle East and North Africa. In 2000, I was offered a scholarship to study at Umm Al-Qura University. I studied there for a number of years and was able to work on my Arabic. May Allah reward King Fahd (rahimahullah) for giving me that scholarship, Ameen. Well I currently live in Riyadh. Alhumdulillah I am able to benefit from the Ulama. I encourage all to learn to Arabic language and trully seek knowledge of the din. I see many Muslim in the US making wacked-out statements on many issues of the din, and this is because they have not taken time out to learn the din.


  1. Salaam,

    I got severals offers to go to Medina University.....Alhamdulillah I did not go along with that offer. After my Umrah in 97, I saw the sickness of Saudis and their arrogance.I saw no beauty on them....its like lookin at zombies.

    Subhana Allah, they killed the Sunnah of the Prophet (saws) with their fake "Quran wa Sunnah" slogans. And yes I studies under the banner of " Minhaj Salaf us-Salih" for 5 straight regretful years.

    No hoy otro digno de adoracion mas que Allah y Muhammad es Su Profeta

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  3. wa alaykum assalamu wa rahmatullahi wa baraktuh

    Yes there are many arrogant Saudis; such as there are many Saudis who are not arrogant. There is good and bad in every group of people in the world. For me, I try to stay away from making such blanket statements about any particular people.

    The sunnah is alive and well wa lillahil-hamd in Saudi. However, that does not mean it is paradise, a utopia, or that all the people there practice all the sunnah at all times.

    Sorry things did not work out for you, and I hope you were able to eventually find a place that you found comfort with where you could seek knowledge of Allah's deen.

    Your brother in Al-Islam,